Sunday, 23 January 2011

everybodys happy!

 my sister gave me this fabric for Christmas, its dark blue fleece with large cars and trucks on it - I'm gussing she had james in mind when she bought it and not me!

Mr midnite immediately suggested that I made a dressing gown, I had wanted to make some kind of hooded poncho for post bath/swimming pool running around, but Mr M pulled a face and insisted a dressing gown with lapels, pockets and a little tie would be cute. He won, kind of, it basically is a dressing gown with all those things but I added an oversized hood and a button fastening on the front  so I can  can just do that up when he comes out the bath and let him run himself dry. the best of both world? Everybody's happy.

The best thing about working with this material is it does not fray at all - you can just sew, and go.....

The basic shape was based on the wizard's costume I made at Halloween which in turn was based on the shape of an Ikea sleeping bag. The sleeves are narrower - I made the too narrow initally - they need to have a bit of flare to allow the arms to fit easily - I had to re cut them but I was able to reuse the original sleeves as the side of the hood. this is the first time I have made a hood and I am pretty pleased with it - It fits pretty well and looks good too.

I made the belt out of a strip of the material folded over with regular seams sewn through it - I put the belt loops in completey the wrong place and had to move them - cuttung a small hole in the fabric :(

In the end I decided against pockets - there was a lot going on already - I might still add some

James loves running about in this at bed time - I sometimes regret putting the button and button hole on as it spoils the look of the lapels - but it is functional.

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