Thursday, 2 September 2010

pyjamas for Mr Midnite

gone are the days when mr midnite was more likely to be wearing ray-bans than pjs at midnite. he cares more about his jammys than the jamms these days - and he is fussy.. When I offered to make him a new pair of pyjamas he immediately requested that i exactly copy a pair he got from Marks at Christmas time. They looked pretty complicated with elastic and a tie cord at the waist, a concealed button fly and in seam pockets at both sides. I like things simple and suggested that we leave out some of these details, Mr M argued that he needed the in seam pockets to keep his hands warm when he takes the dog out during the night - he is pretty good about doing this so I did not like to argue. I did not feel qualified to make any suggestions about the concealed button fly and decided that elastic and a tie cord may come in handy if they are too baggy so I left that in too. I found a good tutorial for the pockets. The rest I just muddled through with.
I used seersucker cotton that was on sale in Mandors for 99p per metre. I thought seersucker sounded like some mythical creature but according to wikipeadia it comes from the persian for milk and sugar (smooth and crinkly).
  I copied the Marks pjs by using the stripes as a reference point and making lots of measurements - it was pretty complicated and got quite confusing. I had not bought enough material initially so had to add on the waist band and lower hems as separate pieces . the pockets worked well and were not too difficult to do, the fly was a bit fiddly and i made a few errors but the end result was good - I tried them on, they are a bit baggy around the front and I cant see how best to rectify this, but, boy, are they comfortable - I may steal them.
Mr Midnite was not keen to pose for photos in them - hence the washing line - the pair I made are the dark brown ones - the grey ones are the ones I copied - I put them in for comparison

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