Saturday, 28 August 2010

how and why I got started

I think i'll put up all my work so far for the sake of completeness - a frustration with the cost and quality of clothes for sale in local shops lead me to get the sewing machine serviced - I dont think that they make clothes for people like me anymore - searching on the internet for patterns I came across the burda style website, there is so much on there to be inspired by, I use it a lot. An expedition to Mandors up in Glasgow yielded a satisfying pile of interesting and cheap fabric. Im going to attempt to make things that will be useful - the temptation is to make swirly floaty dresses that i can pose in front of the mirror with but will never wear outside - I am going to try not to.

the first thing I tried to make was i copy a nice top my mum had got for me from white stuff . It was more complicated than it looked - especially the neck line - I just can't get my head around how to fit the pieces together. I used some fairly minging shiny cotton because it was cheap and i knew my experiments were likely to be unwearable - I have 2 versions of this piece - both with different and unfinished necklines - some kind of sewing textbook would be useful, i will keep my eyes peeled. anyway - a learn a lot - about the materail, seams, the machine etc from making these - time to attempt the good stuff i think!

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